Musings: Things I appreciate

[TLDR: An attitude of gratitude to honor the end of junior year and summer 2k17 being in full swing – there’s a whole lot to love right now, and I don’t want to forget that]

Things I appreciate:

  1. Opportunities to become more than I’ve ever been, both professionally and personally – hello The Daily
  2. Late night convos with roommates and terrible childhood movies featuring Milk and Cookies ice cream.
  3. A community that showers me in love and believes that I can achieve my wildest dreams
  4. Half hazelnut and half vanillas lattes with nonfat milk
  5. Brownies in the kitchen at 12:35 am
  6. Laptop stickers that make me feel cool and reflect my aesthetic to the outside world.
  7. Being able to run it out and feel a little bit less stressed (shoutout to the endorphins and biology that made all this happen)
  8. The realization that I can drop people from my life who don’t actively make me better
  9. Milkshakes, particularly of the Oreo variety.
  10. Jean jackets and sweatshirts representing the institutions and places I love most.
  11. Resilience and the ability the survive despite it all
  12. Lovely people who follow up and support me in things that matter. This can occur in any form from excited text messages claiming “you’re gonna be an engineer!” to notebooks and verbal affirmations that they believed in me the whole time.
  13. A little turquoise notebook filled with highs and lows (working on getting back to the highs)
  14. Songs like “With You” and “Show Me Love” that always make feel a little bit more peaceful.
  15. People who remember who I am and tell me that I’m memorable and valid
  16. Residence halls that offer a safe place to rest and write.
  17. Classes that let me write whatever I want. And teachers who care for me as an individual
  18. Fuzzy sweaters and rain jackets and gloves.
  19. Headphones (that is all)
  20. New music that has me feeling every type of way (also don’t call me baby unless you mean it)
  21. Successful morning gym visits followed by veggie burgers and sweet treats.
  22. An Asian community that values identity and intersectionality.
  23. Friends that always have stories or shade to share
  24. Interviews about things that really matter like k-12 education and outreach that help these kiddos see themselves as scientists and engineers.
  25. Pancakes runs with some of my favorite humans
  26. Show tunes from movies that make me feel nostalgic for emotions I’ve yet to experience
  27. Running into lovely people who remind me what matters, and validate that people who care about me will show up to things that matter
  28. Yellow and orange starburst
  29. Buses that run on time.
  30. Major appointments that help me take classes that excite me  (intro to user centered research anyone?)
  31. Traditions that stand the test of time like Friday night collective shows
  32. Mended friendships because we value each other too much to lose it all.
  33. Bright and sunshine-y days with concrete buildings and new bus routes to opportunities to develop professionally
  34. Becoming a person I’m proud to be
  35. Opportunities to visit places that grace the cover of travel magazines and lists like “50 must-see places”
  36. Role models who have managed to enter challenging fields and thrive, and who remind me that I can do the same.
  37. Academic quarters that go from 0 to 100 real fuckin quick, but that leave me feeling grateful for the people in my life who have helped me make it.
  38. The chance to spend the day working with future coworkers, or people I strive to be in a few years. Looks like Microsoft might be interested in lil ol’ me
  39. International Pancake Day runs with my two favorite people, featuring stories of younger siblings and promposals and a little bit of nostalgia
  40. Weather that’s perfect for this outfit that somehow has every color/pattern/texture/shine, all thanks to the things What Not to Wear taught me.
  41. Squinty smiles and flying baby hairs that capture moments of genuine happiness.
  42. Fresh starts – spring, new academic quarters, and opportunities to turn a new leaf
  43. Views overlooking expansive waters that always remind me of the Pacific Northwest (and some bright orange accent flowers for contrast)
  44. Artists like Nicki Minaj that can rap like a mofo but also break it down with some raw emotions (how does she do that shit)
  45. Friend dates at familiar tables where we can pretend to do homework (or maybe actually do it)
  46. Days where the sun peaks through the clouds and makes me wanna whip out those mint shorts and maybe show a lil ankle
  47. Legs heavy from exhaustion but also evidence of a commitment to taking care of my physical body
  48. Friends who check in on me, even when I’m stranded in downtown Seattle and walking along light rail tracks hoping to find a crossing
  49. Sunshine that makes me feel like a glowing
  50. Wearing some flowy shorts and a top with bell sleeves and feeling confident af
  51. Playlist titles like “u up” and allusions to future concerts
  52. Opportunities to change the little things like hair length in preparation for bigger better things like clarity on potential careers.
  53. Fun friends group that will collide at Friday night traditions.
  54. Bubble tea of the fruit flavored variety that serves as a long-awaited reward of finishing a long week.
  55. Lists that make me giggle but also make me think.
  56. Classes the confront use of taboo languages and words that hurt
  57. Beautiful portfolios that capture how hard I’ve worked to be intentional about how I use my time.
  58. A love for writing that has only grown and blossomed with time
  59. Free mornings that are set aside for writing and weaving authentic narratives (mine or someone else’s)
  60. Friends who are proud to see me grow and teach
  61. Opportunities to become the person I always needed as a mentor, tutor, and co-worker.
  62. Successful career fair visits where the person wants to take my resume, learn more about my field, and pass on my information to the right people
  63. Good facilitation strategies that encourage people to share their gut reaction, then think more deeply about their response
  64. Goldfish crackers and grand plan bars, as always
  65. Interesting interviews that invite me to broaden my current framework for understanding identity to encompass the more nuanced experiences of Asian and Asian Americans
  66. The chance to hire our next fleet of writing center tutors who are passionate about helping other people tell their story a little bit better.
  67. Green parakeet cake pops and insatiable laughter with coworkers (bonus if most of your communication occurs through head turns and confused looks in unison)
  68. A few hours working on a real research project that makes me think I’m in the right field
  69. A commitment to being a better writer with a clear narrative, and friends who will hold me to those high standards.
  70. Writing articles about a broader interpretation of identity through acapella and hip hop and traditional dance forms, all with the goal of letting people see you a little bit more clearly (status update – and then getting front page)
  71. Friends who will make the trek to work so you can be paid to help them
  72. Short hair don’t care that’s way easier to manage but still feels like an authentic look
  73. 30 minutes of str8 running like a savage to songs like “I’m the One” featuring a few body rolls that certainly demonstrated that I’m not here to play
  74. Playlists chock full of J. Cole in preparation for a lovely night of music.
  75. Nice emails from future coworkers and bosses who validated my work as a journalist and want me to learn about my role on the team.
  76. Friends who offer tough criticism and push me to tell a better story because they know I can.
  77. Delicious veggie burgers and downtime to wash dishes and ease the prep time in the morning
  78. Smooth vodka that goes down in one gulp (and drinking in a shot glass from Italy certainly adds to the aesthetic)
  79. Fake tattoos of demure foxes and sour Airhead rainbows that are a physical manifestation of me.
  80. 10 am grocery runs featuring mini biscotti and dried mango snacks.
  81. Successful runs that celebrate fun dance routines and songs featuring fun chance dance moves.
  82. Meetings with advisers who look critically at the way that this university demonstrates what it values.
  83. Feeling like I’m in my wheelhouse with these interview and writing-based assignments.
  84. Some good songs to bop to because God damn boi, I am not a teen choice.
  85. Sunshine!! I forgot what 70 degrees feels like but I’m ready to remember
  86. A slayworthy aesthetic featuring a corduroy skirt straight from a 1990 episode of Friends and some bell sleeves but peep that velvet choker and try not to tell me that short hair doesn’t suit my face shape
  87. Talks from user researchers at my future company.
  88. Meeting people who care about the same things as me like accessibility and diversity in engineering fields, but are also curious to learn about my windy journey to get there.
  89. Narrowly avoided thunderstorms that end with sunshine (God bless bc you already know I didn’t bring a rain jacket).
  90. Buses caught just in time to run into friends who are moving on to the professional world and thinking critically about the workplace culture they want – it’s a reminder to always strive for quality work and see my disciplinary experience as a strength.
  91. Lacy shorts and kneecaps that are out to play (and I wouldn’t have it any other way)
  92. Sounds that make you wanna bounce on someone with someone (679 you got me).
  93. Surprisingly quick trips to target that yielded the essentials and a whole lot of hair products (damn I cut my hair and you’d think I’m freaking Rapunzel with all my options).
  94. Slow songs that remind of a wake up early and make you breakfast kind of love.
  95. Bright blue skies that warrant t-shirt dresses and ear-to-ear grins.
  96. Slightly awkward car rides with really good friends, and checking off “be the last person at the party” from my bucket list.
  97. Delicious light roast coffees that are exactly what I need in this and every moment.
  98. Conversations with engaging storytellers who recognize their privilege and want to prevent erasure of Central District communities
  99. Convenient run-ins with cute people in white t-shirts (swoon)
  100. Covering shifts from 7:30 to 9 p.m. but it’s okay because I love my work enough to do this every day
  101. Transitions in seasons and moods and quarters
  102. Moments when I feel like things are headed in the right direction.
  103. Best friend’s birthday celebrations featuring strawberry margaritas and cactus cupcakes
  104. Days when I don’t wear makeup but still feel confident.
  105. Opportunities to coach high school students through the user-centered design process and great apps that communicate how high you are (short answer – very high)
  106. Managing to feel well-rested without coffee.
  107. Realizing the value of having high expectations for my friends and relationships – so I guess I’m asking for honesty and empathy and vulnerability because I will always give others these things.
  108. Hip hop showcases that offer a little bit of bounce and booty work.
  109. Poetry to write and read that helps my soul feel a little bit more at ease.
  110. Wonderful TEDxUofW conferences that open with a powerful woman of color who isn’t afraid to talk about racism and the ways that we as a nation still need to grow.
  111. Free bread and coupons!
  112. Jamz that make you wanna dance all the way home
  113. Unreleased tracks by Lana Del Rey that remind me we were born to live fast [and] die young.
  114. Long cardigans that keep my warm on rainy walks back from children’s
  115. Article drafts that get better with every review.
  116. Design sprints that leave my exhausted but exhilarated that we’re doing user-centered work.

And so much more ❤ cheers to this beautiful and precious life


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